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The origin of Faprosid plant date back to 1965 thanks to the knowledge of its founder Mr. Piantoni Danilo and to his experience among the steel plants of the region.

The company is located in Brescia, city 90 km far from Milan, in an important district of the iron and steel production of the northern Italy.

It was born on an area of 1000 square meter, in a small workshop producing hot tops for steel plants. Its type of quality products turn out to be very appreciated from Italian Customers, so much to allows the company to carve out in a short time a significant share of the Italian market of steel plants which produces ingots, forcing Mr. Piantoni to move to a new industrial hub, doubling his production area.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired through the production of the hot tops, in 1992 Faprosid enters the field of foundries producing successfully sleeves suitable for the production of castings for cast iron and steel.

The growth of the company become almost compulsory taking into consideration the increase of products and the requests belongings from the Italian market, both in foundry and in steel plants industry. Therefore it is necessary to make new investments regarding the manufacturing lines and a further enlargement of the production area until 5000 Square Meters.

In 2015, the company has a manufacturing area of 7000 Square Meters but this year, carrying on the positive trend, a further area of 6000 Square Meters have been acquired, thus arriving to a manufacturing hub of 13.000 Square Meters covered.

The continuous expansion and Customers acquisitions bring the company in year 2000 in getting the ISO 9001:2008 certification, necessary to cooperate with large organizations of the metallurgical system. Now it is working to implement the environmental management system according with regulations ISO 14001.

Plants have been realized thanks to the passion and the experience acquired and  from to its technical staff, and this have allowed to build through the years unique plants with high productive and quality control efficiency.

With the experience, and thanks to the cooperation with Italian steel plants and foundries, company Faprosid have been able to develop mixtures which allows an high performance.  According with the type of metal, it can supply insulating or exothermic products which besides ensuring an optimal shrinkage of the metal, helps improving the quality of the whole metal. It can  satisfy Customers which casts various types of alloy steel, carbon, stainless steel, cast iron.

The structure of the laboratories adapts constantly to technological progress and to market needs. Over recent years investments have been made to increase efficiency and flexibility, in order to satisfy every need of innovation and competitiveness. The research and development are always aimed to research new solutions and new materials.

To ensure to the Customers an high quality of finished products, all raw material received are checked, and also the finished products are tested and approved with the issue of a certificate of conformity to the required parameters.


Via San Pancrazio 13 - 25030 Adro (Brescia) Italy
Tel. +39 030 74 50 325 - Fax +39 030 74 50 367